Monday, November 04, 2013

What colour are carrots?

Orange you say..? Well for 5,000 years, carrots have been anything but orange. The earliest use of carrots by humans are found in archeological sites in Afghanistan, those were purple in the outside and yellow inside. Next in line are the ancient Greeks who cultivated carrots for medicinal purposes and Roman physicians in
the 2nd century prescribed it for expelling wind. The Arab traders carried the carrot seed to Asia and Africa where it blossomed into various shades of purple, white, yellow, red, green and even black carrots. So where did our orange carrots come from? It was grown in 16th century Holland, patriotically bred to match the colour of the Dutch Royal House of Orange! By the 17th century, the Dutch were the main European producers of carrots and all modern varieties are descended from their four orange ones; Early Half long, Late Half Long, Scarlet and Long Orange. Well non-orange carrots are making a come back, so the next time you see a white , yellow, dark red or purple carrot, don't run away from it, they are natures natural breeds. Anyone for a ' Tiranga gajar halwa' ?


  1. I like your blog very much. It is because, you write about interesting matters interestingly. You posts are short and sweet, when I reach the last line in the post, I am filled with exclamation!!!!

  2. Very interesting information. I don't like the orange carrots, but I love the sweet red ones...

    1. I have such bad taste buds, I can barely make out the difference between the two !!

  3. ohh i thought u were joking.. this is really exciting. i will now have to dip my hands into the internet slush to find traces of this new and interesting info :D

    love ur short and powerful writing style.. i myself need a long runway to take off whereas u are operating a VTOL :D