Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Chicken Nuggets

Probably the first thing that came to your mind when you read the title was the nuggets of KFC. Ah! But I meant some other nuggets, nuggets as in facts that I will share with you now (these ones are free and I encourage you to share it with your friends too).
Today there are two types of Chicken; 'Broilers'- chickens that become meat and 'Layers' chicken that lay eggs.
Broilers make flesh, since they are engineered to grow more than twice as large in less than half the time.
Chickens once had life expectancy of 15 to 20 years, but the modern broiler is typically killed at around six weeks.(Their daily growth rate has increased by 400%)
The muscles and fat of these chickens grow so fast that the bones can't keep up with the growth, leading to deformities and diseases. 4% of the birds die withering in convulsion.
5% of the chicken, suffer from 'ascites' where excess fluids fill the body cavity.
3 of 4 suffer from some walking impairment, and common sense suggests they are in chronic pain.
The chicken is raised in a windowless room, which is artificially ventilated, with artificial light and continuously fed by drug and antibiotics laced water. Each chicken has space, the size of a smartphone.For first week of their life, the light is kept on for 24 hours, this encourages them to eat more. After a week, the lights are off for 4 hours, which gives them just enough sleep.In conditions like this, chickens suffer from one or more of these problems: eye damage, blindness, bacterial infection of bones, slipped vertebrae, paralysis, internal bleeding, anaemia, slipped tendons, twisted lower legs and necks, respiratory diseases and weakened immune system.
Studies show that 39 to 75 % of chicken in stores are infected with e coli and 8% with salmonella.
Since these drugs laced, shit-contaminated chickens don't taste good, they are injected with salt broth to improve flavour.
During transportation, the chicken is not fed anything, irrespective of weather and length of journey. They are handled so badly when they are caged and removed from the cage that their bones snap. Often the birds will defecate in pain and terror.
The faeces on skin and feathers in a chicken are not required to be completely cleaned. These stains are called as 'cosmetic blemishes' and are breeding ground for microbes.
In India, every week, millions of chickens leaking yellow pus, stained in green faeces, contaminated by harmful bacteria or marred by lung and heart infections, cancerous tumours or skin conditions are shipped for sale.
Chicken after slaughter, is cleaned in the same water as previous chicken batches, one after another. This 'Faecal soup' is the right place for cross contamination of healthy birds if any.
So the next time you munch that chicken remember; that bird never breathed fresh air or saw the sky. It lived in suffering and died cruelly. It was incapable of reproducing sexually. In our bellies is an animal with antibiotics in its belly.


  1. Aarina11:09 am

    Very enlightening article!!! There is a lot of ignorance around when it comes to the destructive power of the fast paced materialistic world that we are living in! The very comforts of easy access to an abundance of questionable food to middle and upper middle class is instrumental in the ruin of one's most treasured possession, health.

  2. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Sir... I read only d first para....
    Nd pardon me as I m not going to read d article full coz reading it full is going to seriously hamper my chicken munching efficiency.... ::-)