Thursday, June 27, 2013

Chicken nuggets with eggs.

Yesterday, I gave you nuggets on 'broilers', today it's on 'layers'. If you have not read that post, I suggest you read it and pass it on for the betterment of the earth.
Here is how an egg is made: Like I told yesterday, a 'layer' is a chicken, which is engineered to lay eggs.
Since only the female chicken lay eggs, the male chicks are disposed off. They are tossed into large plastic containers. The weak are trampled to the bottom, where they suffocate slowly. The strong suffocate slowly on the top of the dead bodies down.
As soon as the females mature, in 16 to 20 weeks, they are put in barns. The light is lowered; sometimes its total darkness 24/7.
The food is a very low protein, almost starvation level diet, for about two to three weeks. Then the lights are turned on for twenty hours, so that the chicken thinks its spring. Immediately, they put her on a high protein feed and she starts laying eggs.
This way a chicken lays over 300 eggs a year, that's over 2 or 3 times more than what hens do in nature.
After the first year they are killed since they won't lay as many eggs in the second year.
What about Free range eggs? There is no strict definition for free range. The most commonly accepted is that they should have "Access to the outdoors" .So a shed containing thirty thousand chickens, with a small door at one end that opens to a 5x5 feet open patch- and the door is closed all but occasionally is how today's free range eggs are made.
Most of the times, we do not realise that the meat that we have bought or ordered in a restaurant, involved the killing of an animal. The meat is so nicely packed and presented; we remain disconnected from the reality of what we eat.
I don't have the Indian figures, but in US alone, 3 million pounds of antibiotics are given to humans each year, but a whopping 17.8 million pounds are given to livestock. (Well, now tell be about drug resistant bacteria!!)
So the next time you pop in that fired egg, remember it is filled with hormones of a stressful bird. They are laced with antibiotics which were fed to the bird to make them live for one year. The bird never saw the sky, nor was it capable for reproducing sexually. The bird lived a cruel life and now may have died cruelly.


  1. Life is tough...suck it up chickens

  2. Life is tough...suck it up chickens